Pre-Production Project Analysis and Strategy

Production is a continuum that starts with “Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool or presentation that…”  and ends with, “CLICK HERE TO INTITATE DOWNLOAD”.  Civins Productions starts with a focus on developing a plan for your project through discovery:  asking questions and listening to your reasons for investing in a video project. 

Once your objectives are defined, we discuss creative concepts and a vision for your project, developing a proposal and approach that will satisfy your goals and ensure successful message delivery and achieve the results you expect.

Budgeting is discussed at this early stage to understand up-front the resources you have to invest and how to assure we work within your budget to obtain maximum value.  We also explore the repurposing of existing media elements to enhance your message. Materials you have already purchased from other sources such as logo treatments and photography can be re-purposed to strengthen the video and gain more lifespan from your media assets. 

Once the budget is approved, we can determine what assets, whether video, print or web based, will assure that the look and feel of the video is consistent with your brand.

Pre-Production Management and Scheduling

Civins Productions handles every detail of the production from creating the vision to putting all of the assets together including the people, locations, equipment, actors, sets, animation, spokespeople (luminaries or celebrities), extras, crewing and scripting.  

Civins meticulously manages every aspect of production which ensures quality sound and picture. Your production may require a crew of one or 40 or more. Each lighting technician, grip, gaffer, sound person, editor, make-up and wardrobe professional has a job to do. These are professionals Civins has selected and worked with for many years. He knows each of their abilities, responsibilities and how to communicate with them so the production runs efficiently and results in a superb video and audio product. 

Asset Creation

Getting the original photography and sound along with management of all aspects of production technique are core areas of expertise at Civins Productions.

We are seasoned producers whether the project is done on-site, on location or in a studio through special effects such as a green screen to create a visual backdrop.  We record in all High Definition video formats and when called for, the formats we “cut our teeth”, namely 35 MM and 16 mm film.  (Gary Civins received his MFA, a terminal degree, in production from NYU Film)