Civins Productions creates videos with impact that connect with the audiences you want to reach. When you need a :30 advertisement to sell a product or service, make people think or generate a response through a solid call to action, Civins is the way to go.

Small budget or large, 30 seconds or 30 minutes in length, from a crew of two or a cast of thousands, it’s all about making your message effective and getting the response you seek.  It’s not about the budget.  The most important piece of equipment… a pencil. See Our Commercials

Corporate Communications

Videos are an effective and engaging way to convey important messages about your company both internally and externally with consistency of message and emphasis.

Have your CEO deliver a speech on five continents, in five different languages or illustrate and explain complex ideas or new initiatives. Take viewers where you want them to go, inside a molecule of DNA or floating above a cauldron of molten steel. Stop the process midstream or speed it up to a thousand times normal. See Our Corporate Videos


Video is a great training tool to walk people through any process whether low tech or highly technical and complex. If you need to show customers the best way to use a new product, we can develop a video that graphically and simply demonstrates the entire process and transfers the technology/understanding to the viewer. See Our Training Videos


Selling is a process. The tools we create help move a prospect along that timeline, keeping focus and emphasizing features and benefits of the product or service. Third party testimonials are a powerful approach we often use to get to the heart of a product quickly and by those who have made the same deceision the viewer is considering. See Our Marketing Videos


In this Internet era with high-speed data transmission, Civins can add an extra dimension to your video production. We can develop an interactive program that allows users to navigate at their own pace. It can be as simple as a companion workbook or a fully integrated testing and polling system. Be it linear web video, DVD, or an engaged streaming solution, Civins is poised to deliver the key that matches your objectives. See Our Viral Videos